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Photo 1: Ski slope Straža.



Sport infrastructure: • Sport hall Bled. • Public Lido Bled. • Ski slope & Summer Tobogganing Straža. • Sport park Bled. • Mini Golf course. Their estimated value of the sport infrastructure is 10 millions euros. 80.000 users and visitors visit sport facilities each year.

Sport infrastructure management: Company Infrastructura Bled d.o.o. Address: Rečiška cesta 2, 4260 Bled. Phone: +386 4 57 80 538. Fax: : +386 4 57 80 511. E-mail: info@infrastruktura-bled.si. Web site: www.infrastruktura-bled.si. Public institution has 70 fulltime employees. 17 employees are managing and maintaining sport infrastructure. In the season the company engages 10 part-time employees. Yearly costs of the sport programs, management and maintenance of the sport and leisure infrastructure are one (1) million euros. Municipality of Bled participates 170.000 euros and the rest are commercial incomes.

Sport hall Bled measures 6.700 m2. The stands has 1.200 seats for sport events on ice. For cultural and social events additional 1.600 seats can be placed on the ground floor. The facility has seven team’s dressing rooms with shower-swimming pool. The hall has very efficient heating system and is very acoustic. Programs include recreation, sport practice and competitions in ice hockey, figure skating, ice-stick shooting and funny games for organized groups. There are musical concerts, graduate dances, congresses and business meetings. Sport facility has hosted Chess Olympiad in 2002, European Youth Winter Olympic Festival and World Junior Championships in ice hockey in 2003 and Finale World Junior Cup in figure skating. Each year 15.000 users and visitors visit the sport hall.

Summer swimming pool Grajsko kopališče is nicely cultivated swimming pool on the shore of the lake with blue flag, which guarantees high environmental standards. The swimming pool is open from June till September. The length of the fenced swimming pool is 300 m. The facility measures 6.000 m2. The swimming pool has two toboggans, climbing mountain, four swimming pools, diving apparatus, playing requisites, sandpit, table tennis and chess. There is café at the swimming pool. The facility is used for recreational swimming and fun of the tourists. European Masters Championship in open water swimming was organized in 2007. Each year 25.000 swimmers visit summer swimming pool.

Ski slope and summer tobogganing Straža are located in the vicinity of the center of Bled. The ski slope is 520 m long. The altitude difference is 131 m with average inclination of 25,2 %. The ski slope is equipped with modern ski lifts and catering. In the summer they organize summer tobogganing. There is a catering facility at the top of the ski slope. The ski slope is part of the tourist offer of Bled. There are between 30. and 40.000 visitors per year.

Sport park Bled is located on the northern part of the settlement. It encompass athletic stadium, football field, small football field with artificial grass, beach volley playground, two boules alleys, multifunctional playground (handball, basketball …), children’s playground and auxiliary facilities. Athletic stadium has six 400m running tracks, surface jumping areas and apparatuses for long jump, triple jump and high jump. Athletic stadium enables sport practice of shot put, javelin, discus and hammer. A dimension of the football field is 105 m x 66 m. The facility is used for school sport education, sport practice and competitions in athletics and football.

Mini golf is located in the center of Bled. Sergej Učakar maintain the facility and organize several tournament in mini golf each year.


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Photo 2: Public Lido Bled. Photo 3: Sport park Bled. Photo 4: Sport hall Bled. Photo 5: Ski slope & summer tobogganing Straža.

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