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Photo 1: Indoor olympic size swimming pool Kranj.



Sport infrastructure: • Athletic and football stadium. • Outdoor swimming pools. • Indoor swimming pools. • Tennis center (TK Triglav). • Skate center. • Sport hall Planina. • Sport hall Zlato polje (TSCK). • Sport Park Stražišče. • Ski jumping center Gorenja Sava. • State Nordic center Kranj (SK Triglav and SZS). • Sport playground for children GibiGib. • Shooting range facilities. • Smaller sport parks and football playgrounds. • Boules alley. • Skittles alley. Sport facilities and areas managed by public institution encompass 189.601 m2. Their estimated value is 10,43 million euros. Every year over 1.100.000 visitors visit these sport facilities.

Sport infrastructure management: Public institution Zavod za šport Kranj. Address: Partizanska 35, 4000 Kranj. Phone: +386 4 20 14 420. Fax: +386 4 20 14 421. E-mail: info@zposrt-kranj.si. Web site: www.zsport-kranj.si. General manager is Branko Fartek. Public institution has 31 fulltime, 15 part-time employees and 5 workers engaged through public works. The institution manages and maintains public sport and leisure infrastructure execute yearly sport program of the Municipality, organize sport education, sport practice, recreational sport, other sport activities and events. Yearly costs of the sport programs, management and maintenance of the sport and leisure infrastructure are 1.807.000 euros.

Athletic and football stadium has central stands, athletic facilities for running, jumping and throwing disciplines, central football field and football field with artificial grass, outdoor playgrounds for basketball, handball and football and skate park. Athletic stadium has 8 standard 400m running tracks, surface jumping areas and apparatuses for high jump, pole vault, long jump and triple jump, throwing circle and landing sector for shot put, javelin, discus and hammer. Dimension of the football fields is 106 m x 66 m. Basketball playground has dimension 15 x 27 m. Handball playground has dimension 20 x 40 m. Stands have 1.560 seats and receive 1.800 spectators. Programs include school sports, athletics, football, basketball, handball and skating. Stadium hosts 260.000 visitors per year.


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Photo 2: Atletski in nogometni stadion. Athletic and football stadium. Photo 3: Letno kopališče Kranj. Swimming pool Kranj. Photo 4: Športna dvorana Planina. Sport hall Planina. Photo 5: Državni panožni nordijski center Kranj. State Nordic center Kranj.


Swimming pool complex Kranj is the biggest aquatic center for water sports in the state. Swimming pool has olympic size swimming pool (50 x 25 m) and two smaller pools. The capacity of the swimming pool is 1.180 bathers. On the stands there is place for 1.500 spectators. Lighting has 1.000 luxes. Indoor olympic size swimming pool has olympic size swimming pool (50 x 25 m) and small pool (16 x 8 m). Capacity of the swimming pools is 380 swimmers. On the stands there is place for 1.100 spectators. Programs include recreational swimming, children’s programmes, swimming and diving courses, school sports, swimming, waterpolo, diving, water basketball, underwater hockey and professional aquatic programmes. 310.000 athletes and recreational swimmers visit the swimming complex per year.

Tennis center Kranj has seven (7) outdoor courses and a hall with three (3) indoor courses. Center is equipped for international tennis competitions. It already hosted Davis Cup and ATP Slovenian Challenge tournaments. Programs include tennis school, recreational sports, and tennis. Each year 15.000 tennis players use the facility.

Sport hall Planina has basketball, handball, volleyball and indoor football playgrounds. It has partitions for separation the hall in three smaller basketball size halls. There are 800 seats on the stands. Programs include school sport education programmes, recreational programmes, music concerts, cultural events, school sport education programmes, basketball, handball, volleyball, indoor football, box, judo and karate. The hall has 120.000 visitors per year.

Sport park Stražišče has two football playgrounds, cycling track, multifunctional playground for basketball, football, handball, in-line hockey and bowling alley. Dimension of the main football field is 104 m x 67 m. Multifunctional playground measures 45 x 22 m. The park is used for school sports, cycling, football, basketball, handball, in-line hockey and bowls. 62.000 athletes and recreational sportsmen use the facility per year.

State center for Nordic skiing has 109 m ski jumping facility, ropeway and servicing facilities. Slovenian and foreign clubs and national teams use the center. The center has hosted World Junior Championship in Nordic skiing and World Cup in Ski jumping. Ski jumping center Gorenja Sava has 10 m, 15 m, 20 m, 40 m and 50 m ski jumping facilities. Both centers represent the biggest sport complex in the country for ski jumping. 25.000 athletes and visitors visit both ski centers each year.

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Photo 6: Tennis center Kranj. Tennis center Kranj. Photo 7: Teniška dvorana Kranj. Tennis hall Kranj. Photo 8: Športni park Stražišče. Sport park Stražišče. Photo 9: Smučarski skakalni center Gorenja Sava. Ski jumping center Gorenja Sava.