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Photo 1: Sport hall Železniki.



Sport infrastructure: • Sport hall Železniki. • Indoor swimming pool. • Tennis playground. • Skittles alley. Total surface of the facilities is 4.509 m2. Estimated value of the infrastructure is 5 millions euros. Every year 215.000 users and visitors visit these sport facilities. Sport park Železniki with athletic and football stadium and basketball and handball playgrounds, is under reconstruction after the floods in 2007.

Sport infrastructure management: Public institution Javni zavod Ratitovec Železniki. Address: Otoki 9 A, 4228 Železniki. Phone: +386 4 51 00 410. Fax: +386 4 51 00 411. E-mail: zzs.zelezniki@siol.net. Web site: www.jzr.si. General manager is Magdalena Rejec. Public institution has 10 fulltime and 15 part-time employees. For organization of big events it engages additional co-workers. The institution manages and maintains public sport and leisure infrastructure, execute yearly sport program of the Municipality, organize sport education, sport practice, recreational sport, other sport activities, cultural and tourist programs, catering and events. Yearly costs of the programs, management and maintenance of infrastructure are 400.000 euros.

Sport hall Železniki has the main and small hall. The surface of the facility is 2.344 m2. There are 500 seats on the stands. Sport hall operates approximately 3.000 hour per year. Programmes include school sport education programs, sport practice and competitions in basketball, handball, volleyball and recreational programs. There are fitness programs for children and adults in the small hall. Music and cultural events are organized in the main hall. The hall has over 100.000 users and visitors each year.

Indoor swimming pool is the central aquatic facility in the valley for swimming schools and recreational swimming in Sevška valley. The maintenance of the facility is good and the management provides interesting programs for schools, youth and adults. The surface of the facility is 1.100 m2. The pool operates 3.000 hours a year and has over 90.000 visitors.

Tennis playground surface is 900 m2. These facilities operate approximately 700 hour per year and hosts 1.400 tennis players.


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Photo 2: Indoor swimming pool. Photo 3: Sport practice in the sport hall. Photo 4: Handball game. Photo 5: Indoor swimming pool.