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Photo 1: Sport park Ravne na Koroškem.



Sport infrastructure: • Sport center Ravne. • Sport center Strojanska reka. • City summer swimming pool. • Ski slope Poseka. • Outdoor sport playgrounds. Sport facilities and areas in Sport center Ravne, encompass the surface of 120.675 m2. Estimated value of the sport facilities is 4 millions euros. Each year 302.000 users and visitors visit sport facilities.

Sport infrastructure management: Public Institution Športni zavod Ravne na Koroškem. Address: Na gradu 6, 2390 Ravne na Koroškem. Phone: +386 2 82 23 332. Fax: +386 2 82 15 267. E-mail: sportni-zavod.ravne@siol.net. Web site: www.sportravne.si. General manager is Miran Mlakar. The institution manages and maintains public sport and leisure infrastructure, execute yearly sport program of the Municipality, organize sport education, sport practice, recreational sport, other sport activities, cultural and tourist programs, catering and events. The institution has 8 fulltime and 17 part-time employees. For organization of big sport events it engages additional co-workers. The programs, management and maintenance of the facilities cost 650.000 euros, per year.

Sport center Ravne measures 120.675 m2. Sport facility encompasses: athletic and football stadium, auxiliary football playground, gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, outdoor sport playgrounds and skittles alley. City summer swimming pool and ski slope Poseka are also part of the Sport center Ravne. Athletic stadium has six standard 400m running tracks, surface jumping areas and apparatuses for high jump, pole vault, long jump and triple jump, throwing circle and landing sector for shot put, javelin, discus and hammer. Dimension of the football field is 105 m x 69 m. Program includes school sport education, sport practice and competitions in athletics and football. 22.360 users visit athletic and football stadium per year. Indoor swimming pool has dimension 25 x 12 m. The program in the pool includes recreational swimming, sport practice and competitions in swimming. Each year 32.100 swimmers use the indoor pool.

Gymnasiums in the sport center measure 447 m2 and 240 m2. They are used for sport practice of the indoor sports and recreation. They have 87.000 users per year. Center has three tennis courts. They measure 1.200 m2. They are used for recreation. 1.440 tennis players visit the courts per year. Skittles alley has eight tracks. It measures 873 m2. It is used for sport practice and recreation. 5.800 users visit the skittles alley per year. The facilities in Sport center Ravne visit 302.000 users and visitors per year.


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Photo 2: Athletic stadium Ravne. Photo 3: City summer swimming pool Ravne. Photo 4: Indoor swimming pool. Photo 5: Throwing javelin at the athletic stadium Ravne.


City swimming pool are part of the Sport center Ravne. The surface of the swimming pool is 5.316 m2. It encompasses two swimming pool, dressing rooms and café. Big swimming pool measures 50 x 25 m. It is used for sport practice and competitions in swimming and aquatic sports and sport recreation. Each year 46.000 swimmers, sportsmen and recreational sportsmen visit the swimming pool.

Ski slope Poseka encompasses an area of 80.000 m2. The facility is equipped with modern ski lift, with capacity of 800 skiers per hour. It operates approximately 75 day per skiing season. It is used for recreational skiing. The ski slope is equipped with lightning for night skiing. 18.500 skiers visit the ski slope per year.

Sport center Strojarska reka encompasses basketball and volleyball playground, beach volley playground and football field. The center is used for sport recreation and sport practice of basketball, volleyball, beach volley and football.

Outdoor sport playgrounds Strojna, Dobji dvor, Javornik, Kotlje and Dobrije encompass 14 sport playgrounds. In Strojna there are volleyball, basketball and handball playground. In Dobji dvor there are volleyball and basketball playground. In Javornik they have the hall, athletic running track, basketball and handball playground and two beach volley playgrounds. In Kotlje we find football, handball and basketball playground. In Dobrije there are basketball and beach volley playground. These facilities are used for sport recreation and sport practice of basketball, handball, volleyball, beach volleyball and football. 

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Photo 7: Cycling tracks around Ravne na Koroškem. Photo 8: Ski slope Poseka. Photo 9: Night skiing at the Ski slope Poseka. Photo 10: Mountain biking.