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Foto 1: Mountaineering in Slovenian mountains.



Sport programs: • Programs for children in kindergartens. • Programs for schoolboys and girls in primary schools and pupils in high schools. • Sport recreation for adults, who are not involved in the programs of sport associations. • Professional training courses for trainers and instructors. Programs are changed every year and adopted to the needs of the children, youth and adults.

Public institution: Agency for sport Ljubljana. Address: Staničeva 41, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. +386 1 30 08 210, +386 1 30 08 216. Fax: +386 1 23 23 763. E-mail: marko.trskan@as-lj.si. Web site: www.as-lj.si. General manager is Marko Trškan. The institution execute yearly sport program of the Municipality, organize sport education, sport practice, recreational sport, other sport activities and events. Agency has 9 employees. For preparation and execution of the sport programs agency engage over 150 co-workers, each year.

Each year agency finances preparation and execution of sport programs and professional training courses. There are around 70.000 participants in all age groups. Programs for primary schools and high schools are well attended and have over 60.000 spectators. Activities of the agency and financing of the sport programs are closely connected with the usage of sport infrastructure in the capital of Slovenia. Each year agency provides 1 million euros for financing the programs.


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Photo 2: Kayak school.