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Photo 1: Sport hall Bežigrad. Photo 2: Fitness studio. Photo 3: Recreational center Staničeva. Photo 4: Recreational center Savsko naselje.


Sport infrastructure: • Sport recreational center Savlje. • Recreational center Staničeva. • Recreational center Savsko naselje. • Automatic skittles alley. Sport facilities and areas in the park encompass 21.496 m2. Their estimated value is 10 millions euros. Every year 520.000 users and visitors visit these sport facilities.

Sport infrastructure management: Public institution Športno rekreacijski center Tivoli, Unit Bežigrad. Address: Savlje 6, 1000 Ljubljana. Phone: : +386 1 53 03 480. Fax: +386 1 53 03 485. E-mail: info@zavod-tivoli.si. Web site: www.zavod-tivoli.si. General manager of the public institution is Roman Jakič. Manager of the Unit is Velimir Strnad. Till 1.1.2008 these sport and recreational facilities in Bežigrad were managed by sport institution Zavod Športni objekti Bežigrad. Public institution Tivoli has 95 fulltime and 150 part-time employees. Yearly costs of the sport programs, management and maintenance of the sport and leisure infrastructure are 7 millions euros.

Sport and recreational center Savlje encompasses sport hall, fitness, saunas, outdoor playgrounds for basketball (2), handball (1) and football (1), two covered football playgrounds and children’s playground. Sport hall measures 1.639 m2. The stands can host 500 spectators. Sport hall is used for kindergartens, primary schools and high schools, University and clubs for sport practice and competitions in basketball, handball and volleyball. Program includes also sport recreation and different events. 178.000 users and visitors visit the facility per year. Outdoor sport playgrounds measure 2.208 m2. The programs include sport recreation in basketball, handball and small football, school sport programs and club’s sport practice. Outdoor playgrounds are used by 38.000 users per year. Covered football playgrounds measure 2.400 m2. They are used for sport practice and recreation in football. 10.000 users use the facility per year. There is children’s playground in the sport and recreational center. It measures 224 m2. Each year 24.000 children and other visitors visit the playground. Total number of users and visitors of sport and recreational center each year is 400.200.

Recreational center Staničeva includes two gymnasiums. Total surface of the facility is 540 m2. They are used mainly for recreational sport. Kindergartens, schools and University also use the facility. The gyms have 30.000 users per year.

Recreational center Savsko naselje encompasses outdoor sport playgrounds for basketball (2), handball (1) and small football (2), eight (8) tennis courts and boules alley. Total surface of the facility is 2.905 m2. The facility is used for sport recreation in basketball, handball and small football. 50.000 recreational sportsmen use the playgrounds per year. Tennis courts measures 4.104 m2. Each year 6.000 recreational players use the tennis courts. Boules alley has two tracks. It is used for recreation of citizens. Recreational center Savsko naselje is visited by 60.000 users and visitors per year.

Automatic skittles alley has six tracks. It measures 370 m2. The facility is used for recreational sport and skittles practice and competitions. 22.000 users visit the alley per year.