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Photo 1: Gymnasium Partizan Vrhnika. Photo 2: Athletic stadium. Photo 3: Playgrounds in the Sport park Vrhnika. Photo 4: Gymnasium at the primary school Ivan Cankar Vrhnika.



Sport infrastructure: • Sport park Vrhnika. • Gymnasium Partizan. • Gymnasium of the primary school Ivan Cankar Vrhnika. Public institution manages also cultural facilities: Cankar center, Cankar’s births place and Gallery Kašča. Sport facilities and areas encompass the surface of 24.174 m2. Estimated value of the sport facilities is 5 millions euros. Each year 205.000 users and visitors visit sport facilities.

Sport infrastructure management: Public Institution Zavod Ivana Cankarja za kulturo, šport in turizem Vrhnika. Address: Tržaška cesta 12, 1360 Vrhnika. Phone: +386 1 75 06 630. Fax: +386 1 75 06 636. E-mail: info@zavod-cankar.si. Web site: www.zavod-cankar.si. The institution manages and maintains public sport and leisure infrastructure, execute yearly sport program of the Municipality, sport practice, recreational sport, other sport activities and events. Public institution manages also cultural facilities in Vrhnika. Public institution has 11 fulltime, 30 part-time employees and 3 workers engaged through public works. For organization of big events it engages additional co-workers. Costs of the management and maintenance of the facilities are 48.000 euros per year. Public institution spends additional 15.000 euros for maintenance of other infrastructure.

Sport park Vrhnika measures 23.043 m2. Sport park is central sport facility in the Municipality. Park encompasses football and athletic stadium, beach volley playground, tennis courts, basketball playground, multi-purpose playground and outdoor swimming pools with dressing rooms and storage. Football stadium has main field, which measures 104,5 x 70 m and has a surface of 7.315 m2, auxiliary field, which measures 110 x 54 m and has surface of 5.940 m and four dressing rooms. Athletic running track is covered with tennisit, 400 m long, 7,2 m wide and has a surface of 2.880 m2. Athletic stadium has jumping areas and apparatuses for long jump, which measures 30 x 4 m (120 m2) and high jump, which measures 12 x 12 m (144 m2). Beach volley playground measures 16 x 8 m (outer sizes are 26 x 18 m) and has surface of 128 m2. Three tennis courts have playing surface of 24 x 8,3 m and total surface 598 m2. Basketball playground has asphalt cover, measures 32 x 18 m and has surface of 576 m2. Multi-purpose sport surface has asphalt cover and encompasses two playgrounds for football and one for basketball. It measures 74 x 46 m and has surface of 3.404 m2. Big swimming pool measures 50 x 18 m. Small swimming pool measures 15,6 x 9,4 m. Total area of the swimming pool has 1.939 m2. Asphalt surfaces in the sport park were partially renovated in 2006 but they need additional renovation. Athletic running track needs new cover with tartan. Swimming pools are in a very bad shape and are closed form 2006. Green areas in the park are well maintained. The school and sport clubs for school sport education, other sport activities and sport practice use asphalt playgrounds. There are also sport recreation and events on these playgrounds. Football clubs from the Municipalities Vrhnika in Log-Dragomer uses football fields. The school and athletic section of Sport association Vrhnika use athletic stadium.

Gymnasium Partizan has a surface of 537 m2. It encompasses sport hall, fitness, sauna and dressing rooms. Multi-purpose hall measures 22 x 13 m and has surface of 286 m2. Fitness measures 87 m2. Offices and auxiliary spaces in the facility encompass an area of 149 m2. The performers of the sport program in the Municipality, primary school and other users use sport facility.

Gymnasium of the primary school Ivan Cankar Vrhnika has a surface of 594 m2. It encompasses multi-purpose hall, which measures 33 x 18 m. The stands can host 300 spectators. There are two dressing rooms in the facility. The performers of the sport program in the Municipality, primary school and other users use sport facility. Sport competitions are organized in the facility. This year public institution will renovate the ground and the equipment.