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Photo 1: Summer swimming pool Kodeljevo.


Sport infrastructure: Sport Park Kodeljevo is located at the foothills of Golovec around the Codelli castle. The park has cultivated green meadows and woods in city areas Poljane, Kodeljevo and Nove Poljane. Architect Stanko Bloudek has designed first sport facilities in the park. They were built around the year 1960, when the Faculty of physical education entered the park. Today’s appearance was completed when sportsmen from Moste and other citizens moved into the park. Summer swimming pool with three swimming pools, tennis courts and boules alley and big sport hall, were built. Sport Park Kodeljevo is important sport center in Ljubljana and Slovenia. Sport association Slovan is a manager of sport infrastructure and through it’s sport clubs the organizer of sport and leisure activities. Sport park Kodeljevo encompass:

• Athletic and football stadium. • Summer swimming pool. • Indoor swimming pool. • Sport hall Kodeljevo. • Table tennis hall. • Tennis courts. • Auxiliary football playground. • Outdoor sport playgrounds in SP Kodeljevo. • Sport playground for children. •Boules alley Kodeljevo. • Athletic tracks and outdoor playgrounds in Moste. • Outdoor playgrounds Fužine. Public institution manages also with cafés, children playground and park. Sport facilities and areas in the park encompass 126.652 m2. Their estimated value is 6,25 millions euros. Every year 351.000 users and visitors visit these sport facilities.

Sport infrastructure management: Public institution Športno rekreacijski center Tivoli, Unit Kodeljevo. Address: Gortanova 21, 1000 Ljubljana. Phone: +386 1 52 01 300. Fax: +386 1 52 01 303. E-mail: info@zavod-tivoli.si. Web site: www.zavod-tivoli.si. General manager of the public institution is Roman Jakič. Manager of the Unit is Alojz Mavrič. Till 1.1.2008 Sport Park Kodeljevo was managed by sport association Zveza športnih društev Slovan. Public institution Tivoli has 95 fulltime and over 150 part-time employees. The institution manages and maintains public sport and leisure infrastructure execute yearly sport program of the Municipality, organize sport education, sport practice, recreational sport, other sport activities, catering and events. Yearly costs of the sport programs, management and maintenance of the sport and leisure infrastructure are 7 millions euros.


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Photo 2: Summer swimming pool Kodeljevo. Photo 3: Indoor swimming pool Kodeljevo. Photo 4: Sport hall Kodeljevo. Photo 5: Table tennis hall Kodeljevo.


Athletic and football stadium has central stands, athletic facilities and football stadium with natural grass. The main stands have 1.500 seats. It can host 4.000 spectators who are standing. Athletic stadium has 6 standard 400m running tracks, surface jumping areas and apparatuses for high jump, pole vault, long jump and triple jump, throwing circle and landing sector for shot put, javelin, discus and hammer. Dimension of the football field is 105 m x 69 m. Auxiliary football field measures 100 x 60 m and has the system of lighting. Sport facility is used for school sport education, sport practice and competitions in athletics and football. 15.000 visitors and users visit athletic and football stadium per year.

Swimming pool complex Kodeljevo is the biggest aquatic complex for aquatic sports in Ljubljana. Swimming pool have two big swimming pools and two small swimming pools for children. The olympic size swimming pool with measures 50 x 25 m and the depth of 2 m has stands for 500 spectators. The pool has lightning, which enables evening sport practice and competitions in aquatic sports. Big recreational swimming pool measures 50 x 25 m. The depth of the water in the pool is 1,5 m. There are three slides besides the swimming pool. Big swimming pool for children measures 43 x 15 m. The depth of the water in the pool is 0,8 m. Small children’s swimming pool is round with diameter of 5 m. There are two bars and a restaurant, playground for children and grass areas for ball play, in swimming pool. Indoor swimming pool is set up with artificial cloth roof over the outdoor olympic size swimming pool and part of the stands. Servicing areas are in the building with boiler room, trim cabinet and dressing rooms. The temperature of the water in the indoor swimming pool is 26 degrees Centigrade. The temperature of the air is 28 degrees Centigrade. Sport practice can be organized in 25 m or 50 m lanes. The stands of the indoor pool can host 200 spectators. Each year 80.000 visitors and users visit the swimming pool complex.

Sport hall Kodeljevo has big and small sport hall. Total surface is 3.620 m2. The stands in the big sport hall have 1.540 seats. There can be 3.080 spectators on the stands standing. The facility is used by high schools and the faculty of sport for school sport educational programs, by sport clubs for sport practice and competitions, for recreation and cultural end entertainment events. Small hall measure 20 x 10 m. This hall is designed for sport practice of sport dancing, tae-kwondo and karate. There are 120.000 visitors and users in the sport hall per year.

Table tennis hall Kodeljevo enables sport practice, competitions and recreation of table tennis. There are constantly eight (8) tables in the hall. The hall has audio equipment. 15.000 users and visitors use the facility each year.

Tennis courts in the sport park are well attended. There are nine (9) tennis courts. 25.000 tennis players use the courts each year. The playing season is from April till October. Four playgrounds have lightning and enables evening sport practice and competitions.

Auxiliary football playground with artificial grass measures 100 x 60 m and has lightning. The program includes sport practice and competitions for younger ages in football. Because it can be used also in the evenings, 35.000 football players use the playground per year.

Outdoor playgrounds in Sport park Kodeljevo encompasses playgrounds for handball, football and basketball. Playground for handball and football has stands. Total area surfaces 2.627 m2. The playgrounds have lightning system, which enables their evening usage. The program includes recreational practice and competitions. They have 7.000 users and visitors per year.


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Photo 6: Athletic and football stadium Kodeljevo. Photo 7: Sport playground for children Kodeljevo. Photo 8: Indoor swimming pool Kodeljevo. Photo 9: Tennis courts Kodeljevo.

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