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Photo 1: Sport park Ljubljana



Sport infrastructure: • Sport park Ljubljana. • Central stadium. • Summer place for gymnastics. • Outdoor sport playgrounds in the city quarters. • Trim courses. Sport facilities and areas in the park encompass 137.891 m2. Their estimated value is 3,55 millions euros. Every year 333.200 users and visitors visit these sport facilities.

Sport infrastructure management: Public institution Športno rekreacijski center Tivoli, Unit Športni park Ljubljana. Address: Miličinskega 2, 1000 Ljubljana. Phone: +386 1 43 25 050. Fax: +386 1 43 25 050. E-mail: info@zavod-tivoli.si. Web site: www.zavod-tivoli.si. General manager is Roman Jakič. Manager of the unit is Milorad Orelj. Till 1.1.2008 Sport park Ljubljana was managed by Railways Sport Association Ljubljana. Today Public institution ŠRC Tivoli manages the facilities. The Central stadium is owned and managed by the company Olimpija 2006 d.o.o. Ljubljana. Summer working out area is owned by Sport association Narodni dom, which manage the facility from 30.11.2007. Public institution ŠRC Tivoli has 95 fulltime and 150 part-time employees. The institution manages and maintains public sport and leisure infrastructure, execute yearly sport program of the Municipality, organize sport education, sport practice, recreational sport, other sport activities, cultural and tourist programs, catering and events. Yearly costs of the sport programs, management and maintenance of the sport and leisure infrastructure are 7 millions euros.

Sport park Ljubljana encompasses athletic hall, outdoor athletic areas, Holmer track, football stadium, football playgrounds with artificial grass, tennis courts, covered boules alley and beach volley playground. Athletic hall measures 1.950 m2. The hall has 60-meter running tracks, surface jumping areas and apparatuses for long jump, triple jump, high jump and pole vault. It is used for winter sport practice of athletics. 40.000 users visit the hall per year. Outdoor areas for athletics measure 33.843 m2. Part of these areas (15.843 m2) are covered with polytan material. Throwing circles and landing sectors for shot put, javelin, discus and hammer measure 18.000 m2. These facilities are for sport practice. Each year 69.000 users visit these facilities. Holmer track measures 1.356 m2. It has 7.200 users per year. football stadium measures 29.043 m2. Stadium has 5 football fields: main football field (6.798 m2), first auxiliary football field (6.936 m2), second auxiliary football field (6.000 m2), football field with artificial grass (108 x 70 m) and small football filed with artificial grass (53 x 33 m). Football fields are designed for sport practice and competitions in football and football schools. 74.000 players use these fields per year. Sport park Ljubljana has 12 tennis courts. There surface is 8.208 m2. Program includes sport practice and competitions in tennis, tennis courses and recreation. Each year 28.000 users visit the courts. Covered boules alley measures 900 m2. Program includes sport practice and competitions and recreation. 6.000 users visit the facility per year. Beach volley playground measures 200 m2. It is for recreation. 1.200 visitors and users visit the playground per year.


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Photo 2: Holmer track in Sport park Ljubljana.


Central stadium encompasses athletic stadium, football stadium, handball and basketball playground. Athletic stadium measures 4.500 m2. It has eight running tracks covered with tenisit material, surface jumping areas and apparatuses for long jump, triple jump, high jump and pole vault. There are throwing circles and landing sectors for shot put, javelin, discus and hammer at the stadium. Stadium is used for sport practice and competitions in athletics and school sport programs. 6.000 users visit the facility per year. Football stadium has three football fields. It measures 21.500 m2. Main football field measures 108 x 68 m. Playgrounds are for sport practice and competitions of the football clubs. The stands can host 2.000 spectators. 9.000 players use the playgrounds each year. Besides the stadium there are handball (968 m2) and basketball (612 m2) playgrounds. 4.300 athletes and recreational sportsmen use the facility per year.

Summer place for gymnastics includes gymnastic hall, athletic running tracks, playing areas covered with grass, outdoor sport playgrounds and boules alley. Gymnastic hall measures 420 m2. It is equipped with all equipment and requisites. It is used for sport practice. 18.000 athletes use the hall per year. Athletic running tracks are covered with tartan. They measure 1.950 m2. They are used for sport programs and sport practice of the athletes. Each year 12.000 athletes visit the facility. Playing areas covered with grass measures 3.600 m2. They are for sport practice and recreation. 6.200 users visit these areas each year. outdoor playground for basketball and handball measure 612 m2 and 324 m2. They are used for recreation. 3.800 recreational sportsmen visit the playgrounds per year. Boules alley measures 180 m2.

Outdoor playgrounds in Sport park Kodeljevo encompasses playgrounds for handball, football and basketball. Playground for handball and football has stands. Total area surfaces 2.627 m2. The playgrounds have lightning system, which enables their evening usage. The program includes recreational practice and competitions. They have 7.000 users and visitors per year.

Outdoor sport playgrounds in 18 city quarters encompass areas of 32.081 m2. These playgrounds are important spaces in the city’s quarters for social life of young people and recreational sport. Each year ten of thousands visitors visit these facilities.

Three trim tracks measure 18.300 m2. They are used for relaxation and recreation of the citizens. They are very popular places for recreational sportsmen.