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Photo 1: Sport hall Športni center Triglav.



Sport infrastructure: • Sport hall Športni center Triglav. • Tennis center Šiška. Total surface of the sport facilities and areas is 5.540 m2. Their estimated value is one (1) million euros. 105.000 users and visitors visit these sport facilities per year.

Sport infrastructure management: Company Športni center Triglav d.o.o. Ljubljana. Address: : Vodovodna cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana. Phone: +386 1 56 61 241. Fax: +386 1 56 61 240. E-mail: aleš.remih@siol.net. Web site: www.sctriglav.si. General manager is Aleš Remih. The institution manages and maintains public sport and leisure infrastructure, execute yearly sport program of the Municipality, organize sport education, sport practice, recreational sport, other sport activities, cafe and events. Public institution Tivoli has 15 fulltime and part-time employees. For organization of big events it engages additional co-workers. Yearly costs of the sport programs, management and maintenance of the sport and leisure infrastructure are 300.000 euros.

Sport hall Športni center Triglav was built in the year 2000. It has total surface of 2.194 m2. The stands have space for 550 spectators. The playground measures 40 x 20 m. There are offices, café and auxiliary areas in the sport center. Judo club Bežigrad built addition to the sport hall in 2005. Its surface is 846 m2. This addition has sport hall for judo and two multifunctional halls, fitness and saunas. Program in the main hall includes school sport education, activities of the schools and clubs, sport recreation, sport practice and competitions in small football, events of the Sport Association of Ljubljana, music concerts, seminars, lectures, social events and banquets. In other halls there are sport practice and competitions in judo, sport dancing, other martial arts and aerobics. There is a store of sport equipment and clothes and sport lottery. 90.000 visitors and users visit sport center per year.

Tennis center Šiška encompasses four tennis courts and building with café and dressing rooms. It has surface of 2.500 m2. Sport facility is used for sport practice and competitions in tennis and recreational sport. Each year 15.000 tennis players use tennis center.


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Photo 2: Judo tournament. Photo 3: Football game. Photo 4: Classroom. Photo 5: Coffee bar.