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Photo 1: Euro league in basketball in Sport hall Tivoli.



Sport infrastructure: From January 1st 2008 Public institution Športno rekreacijski center Tivoli had overtaken the management of sport and leisure infrastructure in Sport recreational center Tivoli, Sport park Kodeljevo, sport facilities Bežigrad and Krim, sport facilities which were managed by the Sport Association of Slovenian railways and other sport facilities in Ljubljana’s Municipalities. Sport facilities which were managed by public institution until 1.1.2008 were: • Sport hall Tivoli. • Indoor swimming pool Tivoli. • Tennis courts Tivoli. • Outdoor sport playgrounds Tivoli. • Indoor ice skating ring Zalog. Public institution manages also with cafés, children playground and park. Sport facilities and areas in the park encompass 30.381 m2. Their estimated value is 3,65 millions euros. Every year 760.500 visitors visit these sport facilities. Total surface area of all facilities, which are managed by public institution, is 350.000 m2. Their estimated value is 33,84 millions euros. 2.400.000 users and visitors visit the facilities per year.

Sport infrastructure management: Public institution Športno rekreacijski center Tivoli. Address: Celovška 25, 1000 Ljubljana. Phone: +386 1 43 06 660, +386 1 43 06 750. Fax: +386 1 23 17 784. E-mail: info@zavod-tivoli.si. Web site: www.zavod-tivoli.si. General manager is Roman Jakič. Public institution Tivoli has 95 fulltime and over 150 part-time employees. The institution manages and maintains public sport and leisure infrastructure, execute yearly sport program of the Municipality, organize sport education, sport practice, recreational sport, other sport activities, cultural and tourist activities, catering and events. Yearly costs of the sport programs, management and maintenance of the sport and leisure infrastructure are 5,1 millions euros.

Sport hall Tivoli is the central sport arena in the country. In forty years history has Sport hall Tivoli hosted the biggest international sport events: World and European Championships in basketball, ice hockey, gymnastics, table tennis and ice skating. Basketball club Olimpija play Euro league in Sport hall Tivoli. Their games are the most popular live TV transmissions. Hockey club Olimpija play derby games with hockey club from Jesenice. Sport hall Tivoli has big “ice” hall, which measures 4.500 m2 and small hall, which measures 3.000 m2. In the facility are offices of Olympic Committee of Slovenia, National and Municipality’s Sport Associations. Sport facility is well equipped with auxiliary premises for organization of mayor international sport events: offices, commentators cabins and studio for radio and television teams, VIP areas, dressing rooms, warehouses and cafes. There are 700 parking places in from the sport hall. Big “ice” hall has 7.000 seats. Small hall has 4.500 seats. Both halls are equipped with lightning and audio equipment for live television and radio transmissions. Programs include school sport programs, sport practice and competitions in basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, handball, ice skating and other sports, concerts and social events. Sport schools and recreation are organized in the facility. 300.000 users and visitors visit the big “ice” hall per year, and 200.000 small hall.

Indoor swimming pool Tivoli measures 5.498 m2. It encompasses swimming pool, fitness center, auxiliary premises and café. Dimensions of the swimming pool are 25 x 21 m. It is used for sport practice, competitions in swimming and water polo and recreational swimming. Swimming courses are organized in the facility. The stands have 450 seats. Each year 90.000 users and visitors visit the facility.

Tennis courts in the Sport and recreational center Tivoli measure 7.554 m2. There are ten (10) tennis courts covered with sand. The playing season is from April till October. 20.000 tennis players use the courts per year.

Outdoor sport playgrounds Tivoli encompass two roller skating areas, basketball playground and ice skating ring. Roller skating areas measure 4.034 m2. Programs include sport practice, competitions and recreation in roller skating. 4.300 users visit the facilities each year. Basketball playground measures 672 m2. It is used by athletes and recreational sportsmen. 1.200 users visit the playground each year. The area with ice skating ring measures 4.163 m2. It is used for school sport programs, recreational skating and skating schools. 10.000 ice skaters use the ring per year. All outdoor areas are covered with asphalt.

Indoor ice skating ring Zalog measures 2.500 m2. The stands can host 800 spectators. The facility does not have all necessary auxiliary premises. Each year 15.000 users visit the facility.


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Photo 2: Sport hall Tivoli. Photo 3: Big ice skating ring Tivoli.. Photo 4: Indoor swimming pool Tivoli. Photo 5: Tennis courts Tivoli.