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Mag. Janez Kocijančič

President of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia – Association of Sport Federations


With increase of free time and recognized awareness of the importance of healthy life sports becomes important activity in today’s modern society. Sport competition and sport activity – from merely recreational to professional – is not possible without excellent sport facilities and centers.

The Olympic Committee of Slovenia with satisfaction concludes that regarding these matters in Slovenia things are improving, and thus both with relatively substantial financial investments as well as with efficient professional management of our sport facilities and centers. The important step into this direction is also establishing and activities of Sport Center Association of Slovenia. The Association has formed bold goals of their activities and first results are already visible. The big and important step ahead is also this publication.

I think it is important to introduce to local and foreign interested public with the extend and quality offer of Slovene sport centers. This will improve the mutual communication and cooperation. On behalf of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia I therefore welcome this publication and wish it a lucky path into our sport practice.