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Dr. Milan Zver

Minister of Education and sport


This is the time of the year when spring invites us to take a walk, to wipe of the dust form our bicycles and to put on our training outfits and do something for our health. All these is of course welcomed, but it would be even better, if we would take care of our physical and psychological condition all year round – also during winter time. This is offered to us by sport halls, fitness centers, gymnasiums, covered swimming pools. That building of this facilities would not just be a coincidence or decision made by few, is also responsibility of the State e.g. the Ministry of Education and Sport, which invests into sport infrastructure and monitors its development.

Sport infrastructure is the basic element for quality sport education in schools, which does not end when a child goes home after the classes. We want the gymnasiums and sport halls to be occupied also in the afternoons and that children would decide for more quality free time. Therefore we have to start early with encouragement for this way of life, since the patterns we develop in childhood we repeat as adults.

The State does this in different ways and with numerous measures supports the development of sport in all its different varieties, especially with financing the modern sport infrastructure and quality sport programs. With these measures we express our responsibilities to, what is most important for the society, our young generations. Let us use the sport programs and infrastructure, which are offered to us, and set the example with choice for healthy alternative.