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Photo 1: Športna dvorana Ljutomer. Sport hall Ljutomer.



Sport infrastructure: • Sport hall besides the primary school. • Sport and recreational center Ljutomer – tennis courts, summer swimming pool, football playground with auxiliary playground and tack and field athletic running tracks. Sport facilities and areas measure 22.890 m2. Their estimated value is 656.000 euros.

Sport infrastructure management: Public institution for sport, education of adults and youth Ljutomer. Address: Ormoška 22, 9240 Ljutomer. Phone: +386 2 58 58 960, +386 2 58 58 962. E-mail: branko.znidaric@simljutomer.si. Web site: www.simljutomer.si. Public institution maintains sport infrastructure in the Municipality Ljutomer, which is managed by sport clubs. The managers and the areas of this facilities are: Sport Association Mala Nedelja (1.600 m2), SA Železne dveri (ski slope – 5.000 m2), Shooting Association Town Ljutomer (120 m2), SA Pristava (1.000 m2), SA Cven (10.842 m2), Football Club Ljutomer (20.090 m2), TSA Branek Branoslavci (900 m2), TVD Partizan Ljutomer (8.080 m2), Equestrian Club Ljutomer (18.180 m2), Fishing Association Ljutomer (4.140 m2), SA Šalinci-Krištavci-Grlava (1.320 m2), SA Stročja vas (364 m2), Sport and Recreational Association Kostanjevica (1.250 m2), KMN Železne dveri (playgound – 800 m2) in SA Rudar Presika (1.600 m2). General manager is Branko Žnidarič. There are 4 employees in the institution, which engage additional co-workers for the programs. Yearly costs of the programs, management and maintenance of the facilities are 109.000 euros.

Sport hall in Ljutomer measures 1.500 m2. It is used for sport education in the school, the programs of the Sport association of Ljutomer, Municipality sport programs for children and youth, sport games and league matches. Each year over 6.000 visitors attend the programs in the hall.

Sport and recreational center encompasses tennis courts with the surface of 1.300 m2, public summer swimming pool with the pool (50 m x 25m), football playground with auxiliary playground and athletic running tracks (material tenisit) with the surface of 20.090 m2. The activities in the center include recreation for the citizens and sport practice for domestic sport clubs. Over 6.000 visitors visit the center each year.


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Photo 2: Sport hall Ljutomer. Photo 3: Summer swimming pool Ljutomer. Photo 4: Summer swimming pool Ljutomer. Photo 5: Football field.