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Photo 1: Sport hall Bonifika Koper. Photo 2: Athletic stadium Bonifika Koper.



Sport infrastructure: • Sport and recreational center Bonifika. • Sport hall Bonifika. • Sport park Dekani. • Sport park Ankaran. • Swimming pool Žusterna. Sport facilities and areas measure 84.541 m2. Estimated value of the sport facilities is 19,8 million euros. Each year 593.000 users and visitors visit these sport facilities.

Sport infrastructure management: Public institution Zavod za šport mestne občine Koper. Address: Cesta Zore Perello Godina 3, 6101 Koper. Phone: +386 5 61 46 012. Fax: +386 5 61 46 020. E-mail: brane.znl@siol.net. General manager is Branko Florjanič. Public institution has 14 fulltime and part-time employees for execution of the programs. Public institution manages and maintains public sport and leisure infrastructure in the city, provides professional, organizational and technical services for implementation of the sport program in the Municipality, organizes sport programs in kindergartens, primary and high schools and programs for children and youth. Institution organize marketing activities for the services in the facilities. Yearly costs of the programs, management and maintenance of the sport and leisure infrastructure are 1,25 millions euros.

Sport and recreational center Bonifika measures 52.411 m2. Center encompasses football stadium with stands, big and small football playground with artificial grass and lightning, auxiliary sand football playground, 9 tennis courts covered with sand, 4 tennis court with asphalt pavement, athletic stadium with 6 running tracks, surface jumping areas and apparatuses for long jump and high jump, throwing circle and landing sector for discus and javelin, 2 outdoor playground for small football, 2 outdoor playground for volleyball, 2 outdoor playgrounds for basketball, skate park and trim course. Four sand tennis courts are covered with tent during winter months. Programs in the hall include school sport education, sport practice of the local sport clubs, Municipality sport programs for children and youth, sport games, national league competitions in football and athletic. Center hosts 170.000 users and visitors each year.

Sport hall Bonifika is multi-purpose facility, which measures 3.330 m2. The facility has big hall for team games (handball, volleyball, basketball) with the stands, which have 3.000 seats and three smaller halls for martial arts and sport dancing. The hall is used for sport education in the schools, sport practice, Municipality sport programs, sport games, national league competitions in basketball and handball, cultural and entertainment events. 287.000 users and visitors visit the facility each year.

Olympic swimming pool Žusterna is a modern sport facility, connected with the swimming pool. During winter months the pool is covered with tent. The program include school sport education, sport practice and competitions in swimming and water polo and recreational swimming. Each year 30.000 athletes and swimmers visit the swimming pool.

Sport park Dekani has surface of 13.900 m2. The park includes main football fields with stands, auxiliary sand football playground and small football playground with artificial grass and lighting. Park has 47.000 users and visitors per year.

Sport park Ankaran has surface of 14.900 m2. The park has main playground with stands, auxiliary sand football playground and five playgrounds for beach volleyball. There are 150 places for boats in the renewed marina of St. Katarina. Park hosts 39.000 users and visitors per year.

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Photo 3: Football stadium Bonifika Koper. Photo 4: Swimming pool Žusterna.