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Foto 1: Sport Park Nova Gorica. Foto 2: Kajak center on the river Soča. Foto 3: City swimming pool Nova Gorica.



Sport infrastructure: • Sport park Nova Gorica • Summer swimming pool – Olympic swimming pool. • Auxiliary football playground “ob Kornu”. • Kayak center on the river Soča. • Roller-skating rink. • Sport shooting range. • Hall for table tennis. • Trim track. Total surface of the facilities is 61.881 m2. Estimated value of the infrastructure is 6,7 millions euros. Every year around 800.000 users and visitors visit these sport facilities.

Sport infrastructure management: Public institution Javni zavod za šport Nova Gorica. Address: Bazoviška 4, 5000 Nova Gorica. Phone: +386 5 33 02 020. Fax: +386 5 330 20 25. E-mail: info@sz-ng.si. Web site: www.sz-ng.si. General manager is Uroš Jug. Public institution has 19 full-time and 25 part-time employees. For organization of big events it engages additional co-workers. The institution manages and maintains public sport and leisure infrastructure, execute confirmed yearly sport program of the Municipality, rent facilities for sport education, other sport activities, sport practice, recreational sport, competitions and events. Yearly costs of the programs, management and maintenance of the sport and leisure infrastructure are approximately 750.000 euros.

Sport park Nova Gorica is one of the biggest sport centers in the State. Total surface of the outdoor and indoor facilities is 40.468 m2. Each year the park visit around 600.000 users and visitors. The park encompasses athletic and football stadium, football playground with artificial grass, summer swimming pool – Olympic swimming pool, Sport hall Balon, gymnasium Partizan, tennis center, fitness center, outdoor and indoor boules alley, outdoor playgrounds for basketball and volleyball. Athletic stadium has eight 400m running tracks, surface jumping areas and apparatuses for high jump, pole vault, long jump and triple jump, throwing circle and landing sector for shot put, javelin, discus. The throwing circle and landing sector for discus and hammer are outside the stadium. Athletic facilities measure 5.200 m2. The surface of the main football playground is 7.500 m2. The covered stands have 2.500 seats. Additional 1.000 seats can be set on the provisional stands. The facility has UEFA license for international games. Each year the Athletic and football stadium visits over 110.000 users and visitors. Football playground with artificial grass (3rd generation) is state of the art sport facility, with the surface of 9.000 m2. Over 30.000 users use this facility each year. City swimming pool encompass outdoor olympic size swimming pool 50 x 21 m, two small swimming pools and small indoor swimming pool for swimming courses for kindergartens, primary schools and organized practice in the water (recreation and physiotherapy). 28.000 users use the swimming pool complex each year. Sport hall Balon has 50 seats and is used for school sport education during morning hours and sport practice and competitions in team sports, during afternoon hours. Each year 150.000 users and visitors visit this facility. Gymnasium Partizan is multifunctional facility, used for gymnastic, sport dance, martial arts, recreation and school sport programs. The surface of the gymnasium is 650 m2. Around 150.000 users and visitors use the facility each year.


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Foto 4: Sport park Nova Gorica. Foto 5: Marlene Ottey parcticing at the athletic stadium. Foto 6: Football stadium. Foto 7: Football playgrounds.


Tennis center has six outdoor tennis courts, covered with sand and two covered with asphalt. Together with service facilities it measures 5.767 m2. Two tennis courts are covered during winter months. 30.000 tennis players use the facility each year. Sport park has outdoor and indoor boules alley with eight tracks and surface of 1.358 m2. Over 20.000 bowlers use the facilities. Fitness center has surface of 246 m2. Attendance is good. 30.000 users visit the center each year, mainly athletes. Outdoor playgrounds for basketball and volleyball, covered with artificial turf, measures 1.000 m2. 32.000 recreational sportsmen and women use the playgrounds each year.

Auxiliary football playground “ob Kornu” and auxiliary facilities have total surface of 12.100 m2. The program of the sport facility in a green natural environment includes sport practice and football competitions for younger ages. Each year 10.000 football players use the playground.

Kayak center on the river Soča is a state sport center. The surface of the facility is 544 m2. The center encompasses club offices, dressing rooms and workshop for maintenance of the boats. The center is the vicinity of the kayak course. Each year 25.000 users visit the kayak center.

Trim track Panovec is included in the recreational zone Panovec in the vicinity of the city. It is 2,2 km long and spreads over 7.000 m2 of cultivated areas, which are equipped for recreational practice. Trim track is very popular sport facility, which hosts over 150.000 trackers each year.

Roller skating ring and table tennis hall. The roller skating ring is used for practice of roller skating on concrete ground. Inside the complex stands small hall for sport practice and competitions in table tennis.