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Photo 1: Handball playground in Lucija.



Sport infrastructure: • Football stadium Piran. • Sport hall Lucija. • Outdoor sport playgrounds in Piran. • Sport park Lucija. • Sailing club Bernardin. • Rowing club Sečovlje. • Beach volley playgrounds in Portorož. • Shooting range Piran. “immediate managers”, local communities and sport clubs manage few sport facilities. Facilities and areas managed by public institution encompass 37.759 m2. Their estimated value is 8,8 millions euros. Every year 190.000 users and visitors visit these sport facilities.

Sport infrastructure management: Public institution Športni in mladinski center Piran – Centro sportivo e giovanile Pirano. Address: Tartinijev trg 10, 6330 Piran. Phone: +386 5 67 10 390. Fax: +386 5 67 34 517. E-mail: sport-piran@siol.net. Web site: www.sim.center-piran.si. General manager is Matjaž Ukmar. Public institution has 13 fulltime employees. For execution of the programs, management and maintenance they engaged 47 part-time employees. The institution manages and maintains public sport and leisure infrastructure, execute yearly sport program of the Municipality, organize sport education, sport practice, recreational sport, other sport activities, youth programs, catering and events. Yearly costs of the youth and sport programs, management and maintenance of the sport and leisure infrastructure are 1,3 millions euros.

Football stadium Piran is the biggest sport complex in the Municipality. It encompasses outdoor areas and indoor facilities in total surface of 16.100 m2. Football field measures 10.500 m2. The stadium is equipped with the entire infrastructure and used for sport practice and competitions in football and recreational sport. 20.000 users and visitors visit the stadium each year. Sport gymnasium surfaces 650 m2. Each year it hosts 10.000 sportsmen and recreational sportsmen. The rest of the areas at the stadium surface the area of 4.950 m2.

Sport hall Lucija is a central sport facility for cultural and sport events in the Municipality. The surface of the hall is 2.000 m2. There are 1.500 seats in the hall. The program includes also school sport programs, sport practice, competitions in basketball, handball, volleyball, sport recreation, social, cultural, and entertainment events. Sport schools and courses are organized in the facility. Each year 50.000 users and visitors visit the sport hall.

Outdoor sport playgrounds in Piran has total surface of 1.660 m2. These facilities encompass playgrounds for handball, basketball and volleyball. They are used for sport practice, competitions, and sport recreation. 20.000 users use the playgrounds each year.

Sport park Lucija measures 6.855 m2. There are outdoor playgrounds for handball, basketball, volleyball, football and other sports and 60 meters athletic running track, in the sport park. Besides these playgrounds there are 2.320 m2 other cultivated areas in the park. The program includes school sport programs, sport practice, competitions, and recreation. Each year 15.000 users use the facilities in the sport park.

Sailing club Pirat Bernardin is a central sailing facility in the Municipality. It has surface of 9.933 m2. It includes offices, dressing rooms, workshop for repairing sailing boats and areas for recreation and competitions. The facility is used for sport practice, sailing competitions and maintenance of the sailing boats. 30.000 users visit the sailing club per year.

Rowing center Sečovlje is a modern rowing facility, designed for sport practice and competitions in rowing and maintenance of the boats. Local rowing club, national teams and foreign clubs use the center. It has surface of 661 m2. It includes offices, dressing rooms, and workshop for repairing boats, trim cabinet and areas for recreation and competitions. 13.000 users use the facility per year.

Beach volley playgrounds has surface of 2.000 m2. They are used for sport practice, competitions and sport recreation for tourists in Portorož. 10.000 users use the playgrounds each year.


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Photo 2: Football stadium Piran. Photo 3: Sport hall Lucija. Photo 4: Rowing center Sešoveljske soline. Photo 5: Fitness in rowing center.