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Photo 1: Sport hall Zlatorog Celje.



Sport infrastructure: Celje has some of the most important state sport infrastructure. First of all there are football stadium Petrol Arena and sport hall Zlatorog Celje. Local football and handball club and national teams have sport practice and international competitions in these sport facilities. Public company manages sport infrastructure: • Football stadium Petrol Arena. • Sport hall Zlatorog Celje. • Summer swimming pool Celje. • Hall Golovec. • Ice skating hall Celje. Sport facilities and areas managed by public institution encompass 189.601 m2. Their estimated value is 10,43 million euros. Every year over 1.100.000 users and visitors visit these sport facilities.

Sport infrastructure management: Public company for managing public parking and facilities Celje. Address: Dečkova cesta 1, 3000 Celje. Phone: +386 3 42 82 650. Fax: +386 3 42 82 668. E-mail: zpo@celje.si. Web site: www.zpo.si. General manager is Ivan Pfeifer. Public company has 12 fulltime and 80 contract part-time employees and 4 workers engaged through public works. The company manages and maintains public sport and leisure infrastructure, parking facilities and other communal infrastructure, execute yearly sport program of the Municipality, organize sport practice, recreational sport, catering and events. The programs, management and maintenance of the facilities yearly cost 1,42 million euros.

Football stadium Petrol Arena is the biggest football stadium in the country. International games of Slovenian national team are played on the stadium. It has complete servicing areas, which meet the highest international sport event standards. There are shopping center and underground parking house in the facility for 1.200 vehicles. The surface of the stadium is 6.319 m2. Other areas measure 9.600 m2. The stands can host 10.000 spectators. Sport facility is used for sport practice and competitions in football. There are 50.000 users and visitors in the stadium per year.


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Photo 2: Football stadium Petrol Arena Celje. Photo 3: Sport hall Zlatorog Celje. Photo 4: Slovenian national team game at the football stadium Petrol Arena Celje. Photo 5: Slovenian national team game at the sport hall Zlatorog Celje.


Sport hall Zlatorog Celje is state of the art sport facility, which is used by Handball club Pivovarna Laško. In 2004 European handball championship took place in this sport hall. The hall measures 10.000 m2. Auxiliary and servicing areas measure 35.227 m2. The stands can accommodate 4.500 spectators. The capacity of the sport hall is 1.700 hours per year. Sport hall is used for sport practice and competitions in basketball, handball, volleyball, sport recreation, cultural and entertainment events. There are 70.000 visitors per year.

Swimming pool Celje have big swimming pool (50 x 25 m) and two children’s pools. Total surface of the facility is 24.008 m2. Capacity of the swimming pool is 1.000 bathers. Programs include recreational swimming, sport practice and competitions in aquatic sports. Sport schools and courses are organized in the facility. The swimming pool operates 700 hour per year. 20.000 tickets are sold every year.

Hall Golovec is multifunctional sport and recreational facility, which surface 44.956 m2. Hall A measures 6.242 m2. Hall B measures 5.496 m2. In the hall there are: 25 m swimming pool, skittles alley, saunas, restaurant and services. The capacity of the swimming pool is 200 swimmers. The stands can host 250 spectators. Sport facility is used for school sport education, sport practice and competitions in aquatic sports, recreational swimming, ball games and skittles. There are swimming schools and children’s programs in the facility. The hall operates 1.400 hours per year. The swimming pool operates 600 hours per year. They sell 13.000 tickets per year. The skittles alley operates 1.350 hours per year.

Indoor skating ring (Ice hockey hall) Celje is sport and recreational sport facility, which measures 3.695 m2. Servicing areas measure 6.384 m2. It operates 700 hours per year. Public institution sells 8.000 tickets for ice-skating per year. The facility is used for ice-skating courses, sport practice and competitions in ice hockey and recreational ice-skating.

Ski resort Celjska koča was renewed and equipped with modern ski lifts. Part of the ski slide will be renewed in the future. Hotel Celjska koča offers accommodation, restaurant and services for skiers. They sell 16.000 tickets per season. Covered facilities on the ski slope measure 748 m2. The surface of the ski slope is 107.995 m2

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Photo 6: Hotel Celjska koča. Photo 7: Ski slope Celjska koča. Photo 8: Athletic track Celje. Photo 9: Sport hall Zlatorog Celje.