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Photo 1: Athletic stadium Poljane.



Sport infrastructure: • Athletic stadium Poljane. • Sport hall. • Football fields. • Tennis center. • Outdoor sport playgrounds. • Recreational green areas. Sport facilities and areas encompass the surface of 84.000 m2. Estimated value of the sport facilities is 5,1 millions euros.

Sport infrastructure management: Railway sport association Maribor. Address: Engelsova 9, 2000 Maribor. +386 2 42 07 240. Fax: +386 2 42 15 030. E-mail: zsd@amis.net. Web site: www.sport-park-tabor.si. General manager is Aleš Antolinc. The Association has 16 fulltime and 6 part-time employees. For organization of big sport events it engages additional co-workers. The Association manages and maintains public sport and leisure infrastructure, implement yearly sport program of the Municipality, organize sport education, sport practice, recreational sport, other sport activities, cultural and tourist programs, catering and events. Management and maintenance of the facilities yearly cost 350.000 euros.

Athletic stadium Poljane is located near Sport park Tabor, on the northern side of the city. The stadium encompasses the surface of 13.000 m2. Sport facility includes athletic facilities and auxiliary facilities. Athletic stadium has 8 standard 400m running tracks, surface jumping areas and apparatuses for high jump, pole vault, long jump and triple jump, throwing circle and landing sector for shot put, javelin, discus and hammer. The facility is used for school sport education, sport practice and competitions in athletics. The stadium has 120.000 users and visitors per year.

Sport hall measures 900 m2. It is designed as multifunctional facility for school sport education, sport practice and competitions in handball, basketball, volleyball, indoor football and recreational sport. Variety of cultural and entertainment events are organized in the hall. Sport facility has 15.000 users and visitors per year.

Football playgrounds encompass big sport complex of 28.800 m2. In the complex there are four football fields. They are used for sport practice and competitions in football and recreational sport. Each year 20.000 football players practice on the playgrounds.

Tennis center is one of the biggest in the country. It surface is 12.800 m2. The center encompasses tennis hall and 14 outdoor tennis courts. The tennis hall measure 2.800 m2 and has tennis court. In the center they organize schools of tennis, recreational sport, sport practice and competitions in tennis. Each year 30.000 tennis players use tennis courts in the tennis center.

Outdoor port playgrounds include three basketball playgrounds. Total surface of the playgrounds is 3.500 m2. The playgrounds are used for recreation and sport practice in basketball. Each year 10.000 recreational sportsmen visit the playgrounds.

Green recreational areas encompass 25.000 m2 of cultivated green surfaces. The areas are for sport recreation in the natural environment. Each year 20.000 citizens and recreational sportsmen visit these areas.


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Photo 2: Football practice. Photo 3: Athletic competition.

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