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Photo 1: Sport hall Ljudski vrt “Lukna”.



Sport infrastructure: • Central stadium Ljudski vrt. • Sport hall Ljudski vrt “Lukna”. • Tennis center. • Outdoor sport playgrounds. Sport facilities and areas encompass the surface of 99.563 m2. Estimated value of the sport facilities is 16,67 millions euros.

Sport infrastructure management: Association of Maribor’s sport clubs Branik. Address: Mladinska 29, 2000 Maribor. +386 2 25 08 270. Fax: +386 2 25 08 73. E-mail: marjana.meznar@zveza-msdbranik.si. Web site: www.zveza-msdbranik.si. General manager is Marjana Mežnar. The Association has 12 fulltime and 4 part-time employees. For organization of big sport events it engages additional co-workers.The Association manages and maintains public sport and leisure infrastructure, implement yearly sport program of the Municipality, organize sport education, sport practice, recreational sport, other sport activities, cultural and tourist programs, catering and events. Management and maintenance of the facilities yearly cost 335.000 euros.

Central stadium Ljudski vrt measures 12.782 m2. Sport facility encompass football filed, the stands and auxiliary facilities. Football field measures 105 x 66 m. The stands can host 12.500 spectators. The facility is used for sport practice and competitions in football and organization of cultural and entertainment events. The stadium has 75.000 users and visitors per year.

Sport hall Ljudski vrt “Lukna” is the sport hall with the largest surface in the country. The surface of the playground is 1.525 m2 (58 x 26,40 m). The height is 14 m. The hall can be divided in two basketball or volleyball playgrounds, six playgrounds for badminton, areas for table tennis or areas for martial arts. The capacity of the stands is 2.100 seats. During big events additional 500 seats are installed in the hall. The facility has 8 dressing rooms, areas for officials, doping control, journalists and TV crews. The hall is used for sport education in high schools, sport practice and competitions in handball, basketball, volleyball, indoor football, badminton, table tennis, martial arts and sport rhythmic gymnastics. Variety of cultural and entertainment events are organized in the hall. Sport facility has 30.000 users and visitors per year.

Tennis center is one of the biggest in the country. It surface is 10.842 m2. The center encompasses tennis hall and 14 outdoor tennis courts. There are 2 tennis court in the hall. In the center they organize schools of tennis, recreational sport, sport practice and competitions in tennis. Each year 18.000 tennis players visit the center.

Outdoor port playgrounds include two basketball playgrounds, two volleyball playgrounds, two football fields for practice, playground for small football with fence, boules alley and running tracks covered with artificial cover. Total surface of the playgrounds is 19.800 m2. The playgrounds are used for recreation and sport practice in basketball, volleyball, football, boules and athletics. Each year 50.000 users visit the playgrounds.


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Photo 2: Sport hall Ljudski vrt “Lukna” (inside). Photo 3: Sport hall Ljudski vrt “Lukna” (partitions).