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Photo 1: Gaj shooting center.



Sport infrastructure: • Gaj shooting center. Sport facilities and areas measure 220.000 m2. Estimated value of the sport facilities is 5 millions euros. 15.000 sportsmen use the facility each year.

Sport infrastructure management: Company Strelski center Gaj, d.o.o. Pragersko. Address: Travniška 25, 2331 Pragersko. Phone: +386 2 80 39 133, +386 2 78 75 910. Fax: +386 2 80 39 134. E-mail: info@shootingrange-gaj.com. Web site: www.shootingrange-gaj.com. general manager is Igor Rakuša. The company has 5 fulltime and part-time employees for execution of the programs. The company manages and maintains infrastructure for sport and leisure and organizes sport practice and competitions in sport shooting, social events and educational programs. Institution organizes marketing activities for infrastructure and programs. Yearly costs of the programs, management and maintenance of the sport and leisure infrastructure are 200.000 euros.

Gaj shooting center has surface of 22. hectares. The center encompasses seven (7) shooting ranges for nine (9) different disciplines with auxiliary facilities. Facility is equipped with state of the art equipment for execution and control of the practice and competitions. The center is used for sport practice and competitions in sport shooting and big international sport competitions. The capacity of the center is 3.000 competitors. 1.000 sportsmen and recreational sportsmen use the facility each month. Gaj shooting center has a status of the civil shooting range and is appropriate for organization of the big social events, conferences and educational seminars. In 2004 the center has hosted Finale of the World Cup in sport shooting (small-shot rifle), in 2006 European Championship (small-shot rifle) and in 2007 World cup (small-shot rifle).

Multifunctional hall measures 1.200 m2 and can hosts 1.100 visitors. When there are tables in the hall the capacity are 900 people. There are restaurant, sport shop, info desk, offices, conference hall and storages in the sport hall. Thee hall has state of the art audio and video equipment, movable curtains, personal computers with the internet and audio system. The center has parking places for 200 cars and 28 buses.

In the next few years the owner’s plan to built hotels and golf course.


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Photo 2: Aerophotography of the Gaj shooting center. Photo 3: Hall in the shooting center. Photo 4: Shooting range number 2. Photo 5: Competition in the Gaj shooting center.